Make a difference today and move us forward to a progressive future of Canadian dance.

Human Body Expression is always looking for new ways of creating dance and exploring innovative solutions to present. During this challenging time, we are committed to our work to move forward in developing new contemporary dance pieces for audiences, in turn generating ongoing job opportunities and income for our artists.

The team is optimistic and hopeful about the future of Canada’s dance milieu. We have been discussing and sharing ideas with other members of the community to find a path forward on how to bring excitement and inspiration to fellow artists and audiences. 

Why donate to Human Body Expression? 

Human Body Expression is still moving forward in this difficult time. We are working on a few dance video projects involving 20 different collaborators – 12 dancers, four composers, two actors, lighting designer, and video editor. Check out our YouTube channel for our upcoming dance videos. Starting late June 2020, we will release one video per week.   

  • Support future Canadian dance artists 
    • Help us champion authentic Canadian talents and contemporary dance artists for them to present great dance works. Your donation will help invest in the future of dance and beyond.
  • Open the doors to more collaborative and creative projects
    • Enable us to continue offering unique performances in unconventional venue spaces and make events accessible to more audiences. 
  • Creating and present high quality of production works 
    • HBE will continue to provide compelling and inspiring dance works to keep this beautiful art form to connect with the audience.

“There needs to be more cross intergenerational collaboration to foster mentorship opportunities. Young emerging dancers and established choreographers with professional dancers as well as organized rehearsals. This needs to happen from the creation process all the way until the production stage to help advance their career”

Hanna Kiel

How to Donate: 

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Please note that tax receipts will NOT be issued for donations received. We appreciate any amount of generosity.

Thank you for your support and for thinking of us!

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