Works – Stage

Resonance (2019)

Inspired by South Korea’s most powerful and peaceful political movement in their history. Resonance is an artistic response to this successful protest, focusing on human connection, how we desire to move forward and act as one when we feel the urgency of changing.

Premiered as part of DanceWorks CoWorks Series from September 26 – 28, 2019.

Choreographer: Hanna Kiel
Produced by: Anisa Tejpar
Composed by: Greg Harrison
Dancers: Connor Mitton, Eleanor van Veen, Jake Poloz, Jake Ramos, J.T. Papandreos, Lonii Garnons-Williams, Martha Hart, Morgyn Aronyk-Schell, Peter Kelly, Roberto Soria, Sarah MacDonald, and Zsakira Del Col
Musicians: Adam Campbell, Andrew Beaudoin, Greg Harrison and Roger Cournoyer
Mentor: Bonnie Kim
Rehearsal Director: Natasha Poon Woo
Lighting Design: Noah Feaver
Costume Design: Julia Y. Kim
Production Manager: Adrien Whan
Stage Manager: Melanie Nablo
Live Sound Engineer: Tom Upjohn

GH 5.0 (2018)

Glass Fields was commissioned for Toronto Dance Theatre’s 50th anniversary performance performed from March 22 – 25, 2018.

Choreographer: Hanna Kiel
Dancer: Yuichiro Inoue, Megumi Kokuba, Devon Snell, Margarita Soria, Roberto Soria and Christianne Ullmark
Lighting designer: Simon Rossiter
Costume: Jennifer Dallas
Composer: Greg Harrison

Photo by Ömer K. Yükseker

Chasing the Path (2018)

This 65-minute quartet investigates the beauty and pain of memory. Choreographer Hanna Kiel taps into her personal experience of loss, asking how we move into the present, while still feeling pain from the past.

Premiered as part of DanceWorks Mainstage program from March 15 – 17, 2018.

Choreographer: Hanna Kiel, in collaboration with dancers
Performers: David Norsworthy, Kelly Shaw, Luke Garwood and Ryan Lee
Lighting Designer: Oz Weaver
Set Designer: Joe Pagnan
Composer: Greg Harrison
Costume Designer: Julia Y Kim
Rehearsal Director: Natasha Poon Woo
Mentor: Bonnie Kim
Stage Manager: Troy Taylor
Voice and text written by Suzanne Monique Bennett

Photo by Sam So

Armband (2015)

Armband follows an intimate community as they navigate their social environment and the effect of strategic choices that weave their way through interactions, manipulations, and their desire for  favour or influence. In this full-length production, Armband explores the implications of the power of authority and corruption, and how these archetypes affect both individuals’ actions and the greater community.

Premiered as part of Harbourfront NextSteps program from November 12-14, 2015.

Choreographer: Hanna Kiel
Dancers: Andrea Gregorio, Kate Holden, Ryan Lee, Daniel McArthur, Sahara Morimoto, Erin Poole and Anisa Tejpar
Set designer/ Lighting designer: Simon Rossiter
Composer: John Gzowski
Set designer/ Costume Designer: Julia Y Kim
Rehearsal Director: Natasha Poon Woo
Mentor: Bonnie Kim
Stage Manager: Troy Taylor

Photo by Eric Chudnoff