Commissioned by the SIDance Festival (Seoul International Dance Festival), Human Body Expression (HBE) is embarking on its most ambitious project to date. BODY, a captivating 70-minute full-length dance piece, will be brought to life by a talented ensemble of five Canadian dancers and four Korean dancers. This mesmerizing production is set to premiere at the prestigious SIDance Festival in September 2024.

BODY is a captivating journey that celebrates our truest forms of self-expression through pure physicality. It embarks on a thrilling exploration, delving into the unique styles and organic rhythms of each dancer. The concept of body language, deeply individualistic, encapsulates our inherent physicality, knowledge, and life experiences. BODY showcases eight exceptional dancers, each bearing their distinct movement backgrounds, life stories, and physical wisdom. Their past, present, and future are imprinted in their bodies, nurturing the authenticity of their physical expression. The project transcends boundaries, elevating the art of body language to unparalleled heights, igniting a profound celebration of our primal means of communication.

This monumental project has unfolded in three distinct stages of creative evolution. The initial phase saw the presentation of a 20-minute excerpt version at dance: made in canada/fait au canada (d:mic/fac) in August 2023, where BODY earned the Audience Choice Award. The second stage involves a two-week residency in Seoul, Korea, in December 2023. The final phase of this journey encompasses an intensive three-week creation process leading up to the grand premiere in September 2024. Following the SIDance Festival performance, we will embark on a thrilling Korean tour before returning to Canada to share BODY with Canadian audiences.