Works – Screen

What Happened to Lee (2023)

What Happened to Lee is an enthralling dance film series that revolves around two captivating characters, performed by ten dancers, who are overwhelmed by the mental and emotional weight of a birthday.

Choreographer/Director: Hanna Kiel
Writers: Suzanne Bennett, Whitney French, Jahnelle Jones, Ryan Kelly and Bonnie Kim
Dancers: Yiming Cai, Katie Couchie, Fanny Ghorayeb, Rumi Jeraj, Bonnie Kim, Ryan Lee, Bryony McCaughey, Michael Rayson, Anisa Tejpar and Irma Villafuerte
Composers: Adam Campbell and River Oliveira
Voiceover: Fanny Ghorayeb and Ryan Kelly
Costume Designer: Cara Johnson
Production Manager: Yiming Cai
Cinematographers: Drew Berry and Kendra Epik

But Then Again (2022)

How do we navigate change, grief and acceptance in times of uncertainty? But Then Again documents the journey of a dance project and its struggle for survival during a historical, trying time. Through cancellations and a transition from live performance to film, But Then Again explores transformation through artists’ work, and adapting to ongoing change.

Presented by DanceWorks.

Concept and Direction: Hanna Kiel
Dancers/Creative Collaborators: Susie Burpee, Kendra Epik, Bonnie Kim, Ryan Lee, Pulga Muchochoma, Kelly Shaw, Eva Teece-Soter, Daryl C. Tracy and Oriah Wiersma
Rehearsal Director: Natasha Poon Woo
Dramaturge: Suzanne Monique Bennett
Composers: Pouya Hamidi and Frances Miller
Music Arrangement and Mixing: Pouya Hamidi
Lyrics: Frances Miller
Musicians: Frances Miller; Ladom Ensemble: Michael Bridge, Adam Campbell, Pouya Hamidi, Beth Silver, Mattie Pulkki and Yang Chen
Film Editing: Kendra Epik

Again (2021)

This 30-minute film work focuses on nine dancers with disparate lives and painful pasts as they embark on a journey towards forgiveness and the unconditional love of a child. Again aims to broaden and expand artistic understanding across generations.

Again premiered as part of DanceWorks’ Moving Online Series.

Concept/Direction and Videography: Hanna Kiel
Dancers: Kelly Shaw, Ryan Lee, Kendra Epik, Oriah Wiersma, Pulga Muchochoma, Darryl C. Tracy, Susie Burpee, Bonnie Kim and young dancer Eva Teece-Soter
Music and Vocals: Frances Miller
Music Arrangement, Recording and Mixer: Pouya Hamidi
Musicians: Adam Campbell, Pouya Hamidi and Beth Silver
Rehearsal Director: Natasha Poon Woo
Lighting Adviser: Noah Feaver
Video Editors: Drew Berry and Hanna Kiel
Special Appearance: Sonya Teece and Wing Hua